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What Nigerians Actually Mean With These Statements

Hi readers! I hope I meet you well. Eid Mubarak in arrears to my Muslim readers, may we live to celebrate more of it, Ameen! Thank you all for taking your time to read and like my posts, comment and all. I really appreciate every kind gesture, may God continue to bless you all.

I’m sure you guys know that we Nigerians are very funny and wonderful people bhet we are badt laidat *tongue out*, when they say something, I bet it, the statement is not what they mean. They can tell you that your dress is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen and for your own mind, you go dey feel fly, I pirry you, your dress has just been compared to a pot of cooked weevil-infested  beans or a pit latrine to make matters worse! Chisos is Lor! Naija people are just bunches of savages that can ‘roast’ and mock people with the most beautiful phrases in the world. These words are called ‘compliments in disguise’. Hehe.

If a Nigerian tells you that;

You’re very funny oh (if you’re not actually a comedian in ‘real life’)- It means you are stupid, dumb, foolish plus everything negative in the English dictionary.

Uncle, you are funny (MAD) oh!

But you’re funny sha (Check yourself well my dear, it’s either they mean your brain is not working properly, ezz like you are hafin tetanus in your brain abi? You need to see a psychiatrist ASAP!) LOL

You’re funny sha (sick in the head!)

You look good BUT… (If you love yourself, just go and change that ‘look’ or else, the disgrace that will happen to you has received uncountable international award in public disgrace!

images (1)
What is this one wearing laidis

I want to be like you when I grow up oh (that is if they wish you well to do good in life sef not to talk of really wanting to be like you in the future)

Ooshey! fake role model

How was your night? ( They do not care about your night oh ! LOL. It just happens that a ‘good morning’ greeting is incomplete without this, it’s the part two/sequel to a ‘good morning’ greeting and it’s inseparable twin, so you must say them together whether you like it or not even if it’s 2pm)

My night was fine oh. As you can see, I’m just waking up sef
Please, help me manage this one grain of rice (manage kor, manage ni. I don’t care if you are not fed or OK, that’s all I have to give you whether you like it or not! After all, no be me born you!

Manage my foot! If you are no OK with it, carry your ‘Ghana-must-go’ and GO!

Come and eat (this means come and join me in eating my food but if you dare move an inch close to the food or go get a cutlery to actually want to partake in the eating activity, it’s the thunder that have carried weight and gone to the gym times without number and has 12 packs that would fire you! Tiff! Na you buy the food for me?)

Just let me see you move near my food, you are DEAD!

Haha, you’re back ni? (No, I’m front). LOL. For example, you go to the market, come back, meet your roommate that you left behind when leaving for the market and as you are entering the room, she asks “Are you back?” No! I’m left, right, centre, or perhaps…it’s my ghost that has come back!

No, I’m not back, this is my ghost.

Son: Mum, this is your phone.

Mum: Put it on my head!

Interpretation: Just put it on her head and get your best photograph ready to add to your obituary!

Bhet God, is this how I die?


LOL! Nigerians and their funny ways tho, no…we Nigerians and our funny ways tho (cos I’m a Nigerian too and part of these things). God will save us all from our sarcastic statements.

Thank you guys for reading this post, I hope you find it funny because that’s it major purpose (to put smiles on your faces). Please do not forget to drop your comments and help share with others too. Be good till later. Byeee!






Yetunde Salimon is a Nigerian, Muslim, writer, talent-box, craft maniac, and also the CEO of a handcrafting business; BeAdorned! by Yettie which is known for handcrafted jewelry, African-inspired wears, tote bags and other accessories. Born and bred in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria. Highly obsessed with Africa (my source of inspirations) loves all things African!

6 thoughts on “What Nigerians Actually Mean With These Statements

  1. LOL. Affirmative! The way we tend to laud and hype people who are obviously inferior to us is way ridiculous. Like a Chairman of a company conversing with the Mallam that sells Suya by the road “big man, how work nah, you just dey enjoy anyhow, na wa o, show us the way nah”, when in real sense he can buy him and his generation next. It’s a good thing though, it often put the much needed smile on our pitiable face. Good one Madam, Queen of Humour and Creativity.


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