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DIY Party Props || My Sister’s Bridal Bants

Good day to you all and thank God it’s Friday! Woohoo! Fridays are just like Nigerian Jollof, they bring forth this ‘on top of the world’ feeling that I can’t even explain. May we live long to witness more of Fridays. Ameen.

So, this post is about sharing tips and insights on having a great, classy and fun-filled event/party be it birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, pre-wedding dinner, wedding reception and many more, all by yourself or yourselves (if you are a group of people).

I am using one of my sisters’ surprise bridal shower party as an example, it took place last week, on the 14th of July at Owu Crown Hotel, Ibadan. It was REALLY  a surprise event for her because she didn’t even have an inkling of it or knew that such plan was going on on her behalf till the last minute.

It started like this. I got a call from our eldest sister, informing me about the plan. I was all shades of happy and excited about it. Then, we started planning day and night, we also informed her friends about the whole thing and compelled them that no one should inform her of the plan and they all cooperated! So while my two other sisters were busy with their own portions of the plan, amidst my own duties, I also decided to put my crafting skill into use the more, by making the party props and decor all by myself, just to add more fun and life to the event, tho I hadn’t tried making such before, that was my first time.

So these are the materials I used in making the props below:


This is the very thick board before cutting it out at the middle and what I used the pink cardboard to make.

I typed the words ‘BRIDE TO BE’ in Microsoft Word and printed the pages out one by one (one word on a page). Then, I cut the words out of the paper and gummed each one on an already cut out cardboard and also gummed the pink ribbons to both edges. Easy right?Then I drew and printed out some templates of glasses, lips, hat, moustache, wine bottle, pointing finger indicator, face masks and the rest and those where what I used in cutting out the items with the thicker red and black cardboards. See them all below.


The frontage decor and backdrop. Made by my sisters and I.

venue 1

The full view of the venue. Our beautiful pictures were taken by Oyinda of lifeofDammy


So to the SURPRISE part…hehe! How we ‘tricked’ her into coming to the venue:

The groom-to-be was aware of the whole secret plan, so we told him to help us to call her that he was at the hotel (the venue) to see someone and that she should come there for a few minutes. She almost declined coming to see him oh (because she was busy getting ready for the next day; the wedding) if not for mum that came to the rescue, she persuaded her and she did. If not, we would gone to carry her and bring her down there by fire by force because all efforts must not be in vain oh! LOL!

It was raining when she came. We blindfolded her from the gate till she got into the room upstairs where we had to dress for her and then headed back to the reception downstairs. She was extremely shocked and surprised when we opened here eyes, she even cried! Awww! (I have everything in a video which I would have loved to upload on the blog but I haven’t upgraded the blog yet so… *sigh*).


Her  lovely dress. Contact me if you love to meet the maker for such and many more at very affordable rates! Trust me.

Bride’s dress-up and makeup by her younger sister

On entering the reception room…it was another GREAT SURPRISE galore for her!

surprise 3

surprise 2 - Copy

surprise 4

surprise 5 - Copy

Everyone was filled with smiles! She was extremely SURPRISED! 

The cake. Focus on the caption. LOL. Made by Ruqayyah Rasheed of Rhoras Cakes. 
The bride feeling herself 
bride alone
Yes, she did!

sisters 2

sisters 1
The sisters with the bride, me at the middle. The eldest, first from the left, is married and a mom of a ‘beautiful’ baby boy. So don’t trespass. LOL.
group one
With friends and family
group 2
With friends

I won’t forget our little ‘beautiful’ boy, he was fully in attendance too. No cheating on him.

bride and nephew
The bride with our cute little pumpkin-her nephew

And so, the bridal shower party ended happily. We all left for home to prepare  for the D day.

We were able to use our ‘Selfie Nation’ photo booth prop again on the wedding day, all I did was that, I only covered the part we had ‘Rahma’s Bridal Shower’ with more sticker and I wrote ‘#SHOLADUNNI2016’ on it again. See it below.

Revamped photo booth prop

Sneak peek pictures of us from the wedding.


The bride in white and aqua green. Makeup artistry by @tiannah222 on Instagram and her crew.

The wedding clocks a week today and by the grace of Almighty God, it’d stretch till forever and eternity, in good health and wealth and also, all the good things of life. Amin!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I’m sure you enjoyed it and also learnt one or two things from the DIY part. If yes (or no) LOL, kindly drop your comments and opinions and also, help share the post with your other friends and families to learn from the ideas too. So till next post on the blog, stay cool, happy and be good till then. Bye!





Yetunde Salimon is a Nigerian, Muslim, writer, talent-box, craft maniac, and also the CEO of a handcrafting business; BeAdorned! by Yettie which is known for handcrafted jewelry, African-inspired wears, tote bags and other accessories. Born and bred in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria. Highly obsessed with Africa (my source of inspirations) loves all things African!

16 thoughts on “DIY Party Props || My Sister’s Bridal Bants

  1. Wow! Its a beautiful memory ure painting back 4 me,it was fading off b4 cos i dont av any pix of it,but now,u got me smilling like ure taking me back to that beautiful day,thanks sis….i love u

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  2. Ooh mine!!!_creativity at its peak_May Allah continue to bless d work of ur hands Safrat!(my momma’s namesake*winks)…#unto d marriage, TOGETHER FOREVER Bi’idhnillah

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  3. Yetty,I will forever appreciate the day you came into the family… Am short of words,all I can say is “may Allah’s unending rahmah,Baraka, teqwa,widad and all good things be yours now and guys are more than amazing, you mean the world to me and u all made me feel special before,during and after my wedding. I love you to bits

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  4. *thumbs up* Very creative. I like the ‘Selfie Nation’ photo booth prop. It’s really nice, and your handwriting is lovely!
    BTW, which of the couple is my namesake? #Dunni.
    Also, thanks a lot for following my blog. I am honoured! You have a very wonderful blog here.
    Oh! And, happy married life to your sister!

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