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DIY Party Props || My Sister’s Bridal Bants

Good day to you all and thank God it’s Friday! Woohoo! Fridays are just like Nigerian Jollof, they bring forth this ‘on top of the world’ feeling that I can’t even explain. May we live long to witness more of Fridays. Ameen.

So, this post is about sharing tips and insights on having a great, classy and fun-filled event/party be it birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, pre-wedding dinner, wedding reception and many more, all by yourself or yourselves (if you are a group of people).

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B2B: Turn your big scarf into a Kimono!


Hey dearies! I hope I meet you well. We had a B2B project on turning a t-shirt into a bag. So we are going to be having another B2B project on the blog today, this one is super easy and simple, trust me! It also requires just one material! Yes, just one oh, which is a big scarf or any other material you may choose to use but a scarf is better because of its soft and wavy nature. You can use it as a make-shift kimono on any outfit in case you forget the actual kimono at home especially during an outdoor/beach event. Here is the scarf I used for mine below. Continue reading “B2B: Turn your big scarf into a Kimono!”

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B2B: Make a hobo bag from an old T-shirt

Hey there! It feels good to have you here again. I guess you got to know me a little from my last post here. Yeah, so to the main business…this post is all about a DIY  (Do-It-Yourself) tutorial ! *Ooops* Did, I just mention DIY? I meant a B2B jare (like it’s stated in the post title), I’m sure you would have been wondering what a B2B means. Well, it’s my own beshia special  way of referring to a DIY project. It simply means from Basic to Bombshell! Like from nada to tada, from nothing to something, from grass to grace, from razz to glam, from…(oya ezz okay Aunti, plix go to the main sturv my fren, sombodi ezz hexperin a miracle, durrr) Choi, see insult. So somebodi cannoh play with this wan again? Continue reading “B2B: Make a hobo bag from an old T-shirt”