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African Mums’ Epic Reactions to Situations


Hello readers. Good day to you all.

One day, a thought struck my mind about why most African mothers (especially the Nigerian ones) behave alike when dealing with their children and also, have almost the same kinds of facial expressions and reactions to various situations and occurrences? Then, I decided to act as one and take pictures while doing it, mimicking my mum in it. LOL. That woman ehn, she is a great character that deserves an award for being an African mother 😁🙌.

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What Nigerians Actually Mean With These Statements

Hi readers! I hope I meet you well. Eid Mubarak in arrears to my Muslim readers, may we live to celebrate more of it, Ameen! Thank you all for taking your time to read and like my posts, comment and all. I really appreciate every kind gesture, may God continue to bless you all.

I’m sure you guys know that we Nigerians are very funny and wonderful people bhet we are badt laidat *tongue out*, when they say something, I bet it, the statement is not what they mean. They can tell you that your dress is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen and for your own mind, you go dey feel fly, I pirry you, your dress has just been compared to a pot of cooked weevil-infested  beans or a pit latrine to make matters worse! Chisos is Lor! Naija people are just bunches of savages that can ‘roast’ and mock people with the most beautiful phrases in the world. These words are called ‘compliments in disguise’. Hehe. Continue reading “What Nigerians Actually Mean With These Statements”

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15 Times Naija Women Murdered Makeup and Went Scot-free

Hey readers! Good day to you all. There is this very important issue that has been lingering in my mind and I want to spill it out because seriously, we can no longer take this whole issue again oh, it’s too much for us toh bear *sobs* Hanhan, we af tire. Enough is enough! Solidarity for ever! Plix and plix, epp us toh beg those professional profeshunal MUAs (Makeup artists) around, that they should let us see road, everyday we are having sore eyes or blurry vision. Why na? Continue reading “15 Times Naija Women Murdered Makeup and Went Scot-free”