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African Mums’ Epic Reactions to Situations


Hello readers. Good day to you all.

One day, a thought struck my mind about why most African mothers (especially the Nigerian ones) behave alike when dealing with their children and also, have almost the same kinds of facial expressions and reactions to various situations and occurrences? Then, I decided to act as one and take pictures while doing it, mimicking my mum in it. LOL. That woman ehn, she is a great character that deserves an award for being an African mother 😁🙌.

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DIY Party Props || My Sister’s Bridal Bants

Good day to you all and thank God it’s Friday! Woohoo! Fridays are just like Nigerian Jollof, they bring forth this ‘on top of the world’ feeling that I can’t even explain. May we live long to witness more of Fridays. Ameen.

So, this post is about sharing tips and insights on having a great, classy and fun-filled event/party be it birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, pre-wedding dinner, wedding reception and many more, all by yourself or yourselves (if you are a group of people).

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15 Times Naija Women Murdered Makeup and Went Scot-free

Hey readers! Good day to you all. There is this very important issue that has been lingering in my mind and I want to spill it out because seriously, we can no longer take this whole issue again oh, it’s too much for us toh bear *sobs* Hanhan, we af tire. Enough is enough! Solidarity for ever! Plix and plix, epp us toh beg those professional profeshunal MUAs (Makeup artists) around, that they should let us see road, everyday we are having sore eyes or blurry vision. Why na? Continue reading “15 Times Naija Women Murdered Makeup and Went Scot-free”

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What if we have to say ‘goodbye’ to Instagram?

What if we have to say goodbye to Instagram-...

Hi guys, good day to you all! I hope I meet you well. If yes, glory be to God (letter-writing skill of life…oooshey!).Yeah, yeah, straight to the point. Ehnehn, I believe that a lot of people are now on Instagram (that popular and addictive social media site known for photo and video sharing). Facebook is still the boss in the game sha, in fact, unborn pikin dey Facebook sef. LOL. Continue reading “What if we have to say ‘goodbye’ to Instagram?”

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Ramadan living

Ramadan Living (1)

If every month could be like the holy month of Ramadan, maybe life would be a better place to dwell…- Yetunde Salimon (2016) Hehe…wise saying of life!


Hey lovers! Good day to you all. I hope you enjoyed reading the last post here DIY t-shirt bag and I believe that you’re going to put it into use.  Yeah, so today marks the day two of the holy month of Ramadan (obligatory fasting for Muslims all over the world). Ramadan Kareem, fellow Muslims! May we not go on the special hunger-strike (pun intended) in vain, ameen! Continue reading “Ramadan living”

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About me (a short autobiography)


Hello readers! Good day to you all. Based on my last post, I promised to post about me in the next post and here it is…

Mama brought me forth to this world on a Monday morning in the early nineties, October 24 to be precise (Scorpio for life! 🙌) *we rock, hehe*. I was definitely crying but in a very tush manner of course *side eye*. Continue reading “About me (a short autobiography)”