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When the hustle game for food at Nigerian parties becomes tight !

Hello readers. Good to have you on the blog again. I’ve been really busy and occupied with lots of things lately but still trying hard to balance those responsibilities. I believe that with God, everything is possible. Thank you for always taking your time to read my posts, it means a lot to me.

So, it happens that I’m so in love with my  fellow Nigerians and their funny ways, God knows! LOL. Have you ever been to  a Nigerian party or ‘owanbe’ as it is widely called before?  If yes, you would have experienced some funny struggles and hustle for food at some, especially the ones that the caterers/servers are literally angry with all the guests and refuse to serve people or those ones that are planning to loot all the party goodies thereby restraining  the proper circulation of food.

First of all;

  • When you get a call from your friend informing you that there is a party to attend
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Ooshey! Your head is there!

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B2B: DIY No-Sew Ankara Maxi Skirt!

Hi Lovers! It’s a new month and my mom’s birthday! Woohoo! July babies, let the birthdays season fall on you all! Happy new month guys. May we live to witness more of it, Ameen!

Yeah, so this post is all about a simple B2B project, how to make a make-shift maxi skirt. LOL at make-shift. Yes na, an alternative maxi-skirt in case you may get to have this cute piece of fabric that is hungrying you to wear which you haven’t sewn and also, no tailor around, you can easily find a way to make it happen jare! It’s quite simple and very easy. Oya let’s get to work. Continue reading “B2B: DIY No-Sew Ankara Maxi Skirt!”

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Welcome to my space!

It is not once nor twice but times without number
that the same ideas make their appearance in the world.


Just take a second to imagine having so much to think about in a single day and not having a particular channel to share those thoughts or ideas with others? One may just literally get bloated of such ideas and may one day, blow up and the ideas would just spill all over or melt like an abandoned ice-cream! *I don’t mean to scare you* It’s not that bad, you know? LOL. I wish you can see my wide grin. Continue reading “Welcome to my space!”